Our Fire Department has a full-time Fire Chief and one full-time Inspector/Training Officer. We have twenty-nine paid-on-call firefighters, one chaplain. One member is are currently in school to become Firefighter II, graduation will be this summer. Sixteen firefighters are certified Emergency Medical Technicians, Eight firefighters are paramedics and seven are certified Medical First Responders, all of our members are Hazmat Operations level.

The fire department is set up in a military type structure that divides the team into crews that are responsible for certain days of the week and weekends. They cover a twenty four hour block of time to make sure response is made to calls in that time block.

 The teams are set to cover one day per week and one weekend per month. They respond from their homes if there is a call during the time they are on duty. Each team is divided into teams of five or six members, which are geographically set up to respond from home.

Our firefighters respond to fires, emergency medical calls, hazardous materials emergencies, auto accidents, fire alarms and other service calls. All of the above responses require a high level of training and personnel resources. We ran 1049 calls in 2015.