Rescue Engine: 121 
 2012 Spartan/Toyne, 1500 gpm pump
 Rescue Engine is our first due unit for all fires within Allendale Twp. 121 is a licensed BLS (Basic Life Support) Medical Unit. Its capabilities are fire suppression, vehicle extrication, water rescue, RIT (rapid intervention team) and many others.
Platform: 141 
2015 Smeal 100ft. ladder, 300 Gallon tank 1750 gpm hale pump.
This truck is set up for fire suppression, rescue operations, ventilation along with other misc. tasks.
2008 Sterling Cab with a custom chassis; 5,000 gallon tank with a 1,000 GPM Darley pump. This unit is equipped with an automatic dump chute on either side of the tank with a manual dump chute in the rear. 
This is an tanker truck to haul water to areas that are not supplied with fire hydrants It is also set up to be  a Pumper Tanker.
BLS Medical Response: 171 
2020 Dodge Durango: Basic Life Support Licensed Medical Unit.
Primary Medical Response Unit in the Allendale Twp. 171 is a licensed BLS (Basic Life Support) Medical Unit. 171, is also used by the full-time Fire Inspector, during normal business hours, to do fire inspections.
Command Medical Unit:  190 
2020 Dodge Durango: Command unit/BLS
This Vehicle is used by the full time Fire Chief  as a Basic Life Support medical response unit, as well as a command vehicle for large incidents where an incident command (IC) needs to be established.
NEOFC Burn Center
We're able to simulate fire conditions as close as possible with Class A fire. This training center is used to keep up on training for search and rescue and different types of fire attack.